Investment project

Construction of the sports complex "Olymp" in Kropotkin city


The Party "United Russia"
Administration of municipal entity Kavkazsky district

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Investment amount

178 mln. rub.

Quantity of the created workplaces



Aviatsionnaya street, 96/81, Kropotkin city, Kavkazsky district, 352380

Implementation period of the Investment Project

2008 - 2011


Универсальный спортивный комплекс "Олимп" был построен при поддержке партии "Единая Россия".

The construction of the sports complex "OLYMP" started in 2008. The opening of the complex took place on 12 March 2011. For the construction of complex spent 178 million. The total area of the territory is 11098 m2. The area of the building is 2829.8m2.

The building of the sports complex includes:

- four gyms;

- 2-storey domestic block;

- two-storey office block in the form of a cylinder.

In the universal sports complex provides universal gaming halls plan dimensions of 42.0 x 24.0 m and a height of 6.7 m.

The complex is designed to conduct training sessions, provides convertible sectional structure of a game hall, allowing to conduct training sessions, at the same time .

The main premises of the sports complex are four double-height sports hall for training sessions in the following sports:

room to practice volleyball and basketball, size 42 h m, with a capacity of 52 persons/shift;

room to practice strength training, size h, with a capacity of 15 persons/shift;

hall universal (fitness, aerobics) size h, with a capacity of 15 persons/shift;

hall universal (fitness, aerobics) size h, with a capacity of 15 persons/shift;

group exercise room a element of the fight on one carpet, size Hm.,7 m in diameter, with a capacity of 16 persons/shift.

All gyms stocked with equipment necessary for training.

The capacity of the complex according to the project is 800 people per day. Currently, the USAC classes are held in the following sports:



- Greco-Roman wrestling;

- Taekwondo;

- box;

- room strength training;

- fitness.

In sports halls complex in addition to pupils of sports schools have the opportunity to engage the residents of the Kavkazsky district.

The total number of involved children and residents of the area is an average of 600 people a day.

Related to gyms located inventory storage portable sports equipment and inventory.

On the first floor there are changing rooms with showers, benches for changing rooms, and apparatus for drying hair.

On the ground floor in addition to these areas is the doctor's office with treatment for medical care.

The second floor of the sports complex is administrative and auxiliary facilities: reception, offices of Director and Deputy Director, accounting, Secretariat, methodical Cabinet, sideboard.

In USK there is Autonomous heating system with hot water, ventilation and air-conditioning to regulate the temperature of the air in the premises and in gyms all year round.