Investment project

The construction of a pediatric clinic in the Kropotkin city


Administration of Kavkazsky district municipality

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Investment amount

241 mln. rub.

Quantity of the created workplaces



Gagarina street/Vostochniy lane, 218/62, Kropotkin city, Kavkazsky district, 352380

Implementation period of the Investment Project

2008 - 2013


Today, June 5, 2013, in the Kavkazsky district took place the solemn opening of new pediatric clinic in the "Kropotkin city hospital". 241 million rubles from the budgets of all levels allocated for the construction of a new pediatric clinic in Kropotkin, including 220 million rubles from the regional budget.

New modern 3-storey building of children's polyclinic, located in the territory of Kropotkin city hospital, and exceeds in area the old clinic 3 times. Reception of the child population of the city of Kropotkin here will lead narrow specialists: ophthalmologist, orthopedic - travmatolog, surgeon, urologist - andrologist, endocrinologist, teen gynecologist, psychiatrist, expert in narcology , psychologist, neurologist. The new clinic organized the work of specialists in 4 shifts, thus the increased volume and availability of outpatient care for children Kropotkin.

Children's clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment: laboratory, diagnostic, x-ray, portable ultrasound machine and ultrasound machine expert class, there is a Cabinet for regenerative therapy.

New children's clinic in Kropotkin, corresponding to modern requirements for the organization of outpatient care, will provide more than 16 thousand young citizens of the modern specialized medical care.