Investment project

Construction of oil "Kavkazskaya"


CJSC Naftatrans, CJSCKrasnodarstroytransgaz

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Investment amount

4647,8 mln. rub.

Quantity of the created workplaces



Industrial zone, 10, Kavkazskaya village, Kavkazsky district, 352140

Implementation period of the Investment Project

2003 - 2004


A subsidiary of OJSC Stroytransgaz CJSC krasnodarstroitransgaz" on EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) commissioned the "oil "Kavkazskaya" in the Krasnodar region. The item is designed for transshipment of Russian oil by rail in the pipeline system of JSC "Caspian pipeline consortium" in the amount of 6 million tons per year.

According to the agreement with the investor of the project, JSC "Naftatras", CJSC "Krasnodarstroitransgaz" were entrusted with the functions of customer-Builder and General contractor with a period of performance of work for 11 months, including construction works for 8 months (the standard period is 22 months).

Design of the facility was carried out simultaneously with the construction work that has helped optimize decisions on the choice of materials and special manufacturing equipment, and thus to meet the deadline set by CJSC "Naftatras".

The project provided a comprehensive structure of the system of access roads and Railways, areas of oil, oil pipeline with the length of 15.7 km to tie-in the pipeline of the Caspian pipeline consortium, cameras, reception-starting ODS in the area of PS N°6 Kropotkin and reconstruction of the railway station Getmanovskaya (North-Caucasian railway).

On the object on demand investing company installed only Russian equipment.
Upon completion of the reclamation works 49 hectares of agricultural land and improvement of the site Item area of 31 900 sqm.

o participate in the design and construction of the facility CJSC "Krasnodarstroitransgaz" attracted more than 40 specialized organizations of the Krasnodar territory.

PPN "Caucasian" (the Kavkazsky district of Krasnodar region) is designed to transport Russian oil for export. Item includes rail oil terminal and connecting pipeline to PS-6, "Kropotkin", which is included in the pipeline system of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.

Construction period: November 2003 - November 2004.

Customer: CJSC "Naftatras".

CJSC "Krasnodarstroitransgaz" completed the construction of the following facilities:

Pipeline length of 15 km with a diameter of 530 mm (20");

Double sided railway overpass at 60 wagons to drain the oil.

Tank farm for oil storage with a total capacity of 60 thousand m3.

Technological and treatment facilities;

Of the energy sector.

Automatic fire extinguishing system.

Buildings and structures communication, alarm and control system.

The receiving chambers start ODS.

System of access roads and Railways.

Russian oil is exported by pipeline "Caspian pipeline consortium" (CPC), but not initially incorporated into the project, the bridge between the pipeline system of Transneft and CPC, and by rail. Oil reaches the point of transshipment (PPN) "Kavkazskaya", belonging to JSC "Navratras", where a 18-km pipeline is served at PS Kropotkinskaya and further along the pipe at the CPC South marine terminal.

The private company "Naftatras" provides services for the receipt of crude oil by rail and putting it in the pipe for the CPC shareholder companies — "LUKOIL" and "Rosneft". The latter also has the authority to put in CTC Russian oil producers in the quota of Russia, as one of the States-participants of the consortium.

Almost since the launch of the transshipment complex "Kavkazskaya" reached its design capacity of 500 thousand tons per month (6 million tons), providing today almost 20% of the CTC.