Investment project

Construction of pump station "Kropotkinskaya"


Caspian pipeline consortium Russia (CPC-R)

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Investment amount

no data

Quantity of the created workplaces



approximately 5500 m in the direction to the North-West of the landmark of the city of Kropotkin, located outside of the parcel

Implementation period of the Investment Project

2007 - 2008


In 2009 completed the construction of a pumping station "Kropotkinskaya". An automated system of dispatching management. Produced by translation of the main drives of pumps Kropotkin pump station with diesel fuel to natural gas, resulting in significant cost savings in the energy consumption of the Kropotkin pump station.

The main activity is transportation of oil. On the territory of the Kavkazsky district is 50 km trunk pipeline, is an oil pumping station (PS) "Kropotkinskaya" and 4 crane site (KU). At the Kropotkin pump station employs 56 employees, in addition, the district (PS, the linear part) works more than 100 employees of contractors (security, fire safety, facilities maintenance, maintenance services, etc.).